La Jolla Institute Of Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

Dr. Israel Ismaj

La Jolla Institute of Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

715 J Street Suite 107
San Diego, CA 92101
 (619) 702-4204


Was just in for a routine cleaning, but everyone was very nice and professional, as usual.

Larry Heminger

Always a pleasant experience, thank you.

Patricia Howard

Outstanding dental care…
Professional, honest advice…
Thank you Dr Ismaj!…


Dr. Ismaj and Stacia are great. I’ve been going there for five years, and get great service every time. Highly recommend them.

David Inmon

After years of being milled through a dental office and feeling that was the norm. I can’t express enough how much I am relieved that I am not a number anymore!!! Thank you Doc and your exceptional staff for restoring my faith in the industry!!! I look forward to see you all every 4 months!!! Thanks again!

Leigha and Jorge

There’s a reason I’ve been going to Dr. Ismaj for the last 7 years and it’s because I’ve always had a positive experience with him and his experienced staff.


Excellent service.

Jason Kulpa

Excellent very professional and positive experience.

John Nighswander

Nery good

Nery good

Dr Ismaj and staff are very professional, friendly and inspire confidence. Communications are clear and understandable.

John Nighswander

Stacia did an excellent job is always very personable



This is the first time I can say, I had a blast at the dentist. Everyone was friendly and took the time to really get to know me. I felt like being around family. I will keep coming here.

Jesse Gomez-Murrin

The experience was perfect.


It’s always wonderful when DR. Ismaj takes care if my teeth


Dr. Ismaj is an unusually caring, thoughtful and technically superior dentist and healer. I would consider remaining his patient even if I moved out of the area.

In addition, Christine, the senior hygienist in the office is a magician. She is knowledgeable, skilled, kind and thorough. I have never previously experienced a team that is close to their equal. I have no anxiety at all about my appointments and always look forward to seeing them.

Russ Lebovitz

Chris was thorough and very attentive to my comfort. And she pointed out important issues going on with my mouth.

Susie Meltzer